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Research and Development Intern, Mozilla

  • Mentor: Emma Irwin
  • Developed an open source analytics dashboard prototype with the metrics to evaluate Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Proposed and led quantitative analysis using self made demo gender dataset and performed NLP(Sentiment Analysis and Topic Modeling) for generating the visualization results.
  • Delivered a pilot project to represent as a bridge between MOZILLA and CHAOSS open source organizations.
  • Learned Kibana, Logstash and Elastic Search for data extraction and visualization during the internship. Github
  • May. 2018 – Aug. 2018

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, Graphic Era University, Dehradun

  • Instructor: Mr Gaurav Bhatt
  • TCS821: Intro to Cloud Computing
  • Machine Learning algorithms were illustrated on cloud platforms like Heroku, Docker, and CloudFoundry. Github
  • Jan. 2018 – Apr. 2018

Machine Learning Intern, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee

  • Advisor: Dr R Balasubramanian
  • Implemented AB-CNN architecture on multi-label audio classification with a few feature extraction techniques (Mel, CQT, Mfcc).
  • Compared the performance with other attention based models and the proposed model achieves a decrease in the Equal Error Rate by 4% with the current acoustic scenes datasets.(Dcase, Rouen, chime2016).
  • May. 2017 – Jul. 2017